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Education should not be free.

Considering high education the most important part and parcel of their life, people still realize that it is very expensive sometimes to live up to their goals and enroll in the university or college of their dreams. For that particular reason the majority of people think that getting college education should be free. However, in stark contrast to those who think this way, I consider this idea not very reasonable and very immature. I will elaborate on my choice in the following essay by providing specific examples to clarify my point.

First and foremost, I think that making education free will encourage every single student to enroll in colleges. Now, from some perspective this might sound like an amazing idea, but actually the large education fee being the only obstacle keeping students from entering into universities will disappear and this will not benefit anyone. The number of students will increase dramatically; , classes will become overcrowded and as we know classes with a large number of students are never efficient. For instance, one time our history teacher was absent for a whole week due to being sick and our class had to join the others. Since there were over fifty students, the professor was having a hard time delivering his lecture. After a week it hit me that in fact I did not learn anything from that class due to an overcrowded room and  the distractions that noises made by other students created..

Not only does making education completely free lead to overcrowded classrooms, but also it leads to students quitting their jobs and lacking the required experience in the years to come. As we all know the majority of the students get part time jobs in order to cover their education fees and making education free will make most of the students feel like they do not need a job anymore, and eventually they will quit. In the long run,  this may result in having a population with inexperienced adults. Students will not have the feeling of earning their own money or the value of it. Also they will lack the ability to manage their finances correctly. For example, I am planning on getting a part time job during my undergraduate education in some quiet place, maybe a bookshop or a cozy café, since in this way I will learn to earn my own money and pay my education fee. Apart from this, I will have a safe and comfortable environment to study. 

I would like to highlight that I am not ignorant towards people who cannot afford studying in universities by saying that free education should not be encouraged. This is largely because most of the universities and colleges give big scholarships to those students who are worthy of studying there. This motivates students  to do better in their studies throughout their high-school years. To summarize the discussion not only do educational institutions that demand a lot of money from students help them to gain more experience in their work life, but also they protect them from ineffective study programs.

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