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Ted Talks, choose one of the talks and comment on it

I randomly came across this one ted talk from approximately 2016, the talk was about augmented reality, and no It was not basic virtual reality. Personally I liked his idea, I think it’s a very good way to utilize technology without sitting in one place like a lazy useless human being although this technology never seemed to come to life it would’ve also been a great way of solving the problems of people who have jobs related to technology but are tired of sitting at home all day doing nothing,  The speaker was a neuroscientist who also studied computer science, I really liked the way he brought up the topic by talking about an event in 2011 which led to him getting the idea of this so-called augmented reality. Basically, his idea was to cross reality and a virtual interface to help humanity in many aspects such as architecture or surgery, the appearance of it was this helmet which wasn’t very big in size and had a glass piece connected to it just like everyday glasses, so people could keep eye contact and interact with each-other instead of getting distracted by their phones mid conversation like his friend did once.The Ted Talk itself

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