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Do guns protect people or kill people?

I’m not sure if anyone today remembers if hunting firearm came first or was that weaponry made for killing human beings, it is like saying which came first an egg or a chicken.

Firearm has mostly been used for vicious acts since it was made, defensive matters exist in some countries, but I’ll talk about that later. I’m not sure but I think that the statistics would show that guns are used more for violence against humans by humans more than anything. The easiest example would be criminals but there’s something bigger than that, talk about wars, humans destroying humans without mercy, it almost feels like surgery with no anesthesia, butchery, and nothing else. That’s their main usage today and it has always been the same way.

Of course the title here talks about defensive firearm and if It’s used for defense. Well, there are some US states which literally allow gun carriage among citizens without even concealing them. Of course, people aren’t insane like cowboys nowadays, so they mostly get those weapons just to make sure they’re safe (perhaps). But out of the US, free firearm carriage is not very popular. The western region of the world was always popular with guns and killing people, that combination was popular since the time when cowboys were a thing. There could be massacres, the cities were filled with outlaws and no one would care since everyone had a gun, you can even find the similarities between those times and some US states nowadays.

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