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Mixed conditional

1.I didn’t invite them for dinner. But I would not hesitate if I was a good cook. (not hesitate)

2.If we had bought a good map, we would not have been in the middle of nowhere now. (not be)

3.If I wasn’t afraid of flying, I would visit you in California a long time ago. (visit)
4.I’d have my driving licence if I stopped at the traffic lights. (stop)
5 If you had sold your business, you could have enjoyed life now. (can enjoy)
6.If I were you, I would quit the job after the pay drop. (quit)
7.I’d be a happy man if I married Marion when we were young. (marry)
8 If we didn’t trust them, we would not ask them to stay with us last summer. (not ask)
9 He’d study at university if he passed the entrance exam. But he didn’t. (pass)
10Tina’s French is quite weak. She would have helped you in Paris if her French had been better. (be)

1.If we go now, we’ll be back for dinner in time.
2) What would you do in my position?
3) If I were you, I would send the letter as soon as possible.
4) She was really lucky! She would had died if they hadn’t seen her.
5) I won’t need to study so hard if I speak perfect English.
6) You would get a cold if you didn’t  close the window.
7) If she didn’t phone her father soon, he would be worried.
8) Would you let him in if he had come to the party yesterday?
9) If she was taller, she would be able to join the basketball team.
10) You will be rich if you win the lottery. But this is unlikely.
11) You won’t be able to go to New York unless you get a visa.
12) He will take away your mobile phone if you dont stop writing text messages.
13) We will be very happy if you tell us about it sooner. But now, it’s too late.
14) If you give me half of your pocket money, I will do your homework.
15) If the weather is nice next weekend, we will go to the beach.

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